Sunday, 21 August 2011

UFO Top Finished

Yeah-I'm pleased to say I spent the weekend doing chores but with the sewing machine up
on the kitchen table as it has more light and I can more to the laundry and iron as I go more

My Babushka Quilt Top is nearly finished.  It's about 1 year old and I did the dolls by 'buttonhole'

stitch.  I did run out of material and had to search the internet for ' Flower Sugar' by Leican.
Didn't get exactly what I wanted but used up quite a bit.  I did have 1 applique block left over
and decided to add another row down the left side of the quilt.   I didn't have enough green spot
so I have an IMPERFECTION - can you spot it.....

I was thinking of just putting a white border around the quilt and then binding it in the small
green floral as I have enough to bind the quilt.  The backing is made up of large pieces of materials
left over from the collection.  At least I am using up the materials. I had this thing about not
using the bits for the backing and would go and buy MORE to match the top of the quilt but really

that is an extravagance nowadays and then it goes in the cupboard and I don't use it.

While sorting out the sewing cupboard I found this backing - I love it and haven't used it yet.
They are little 'arrows' but look like 'ANTS' running about the fabric.  Luckily we had sunshine
this morning (Sunday) so quickly gave it another wash as it was in the plastic container for
about 4/5 years should be able to use this on another 15 year old UFO.... more on that
next time

Off to iron the material and see how much I have and elve into the quilt cupboard and see what's next to finish off........


  1. I like your babushka quilt, really cute.
    best, nadia

  2. That is a super quilt - lovely colours and the dolls are too sweet..

  3. Your dolls are just lovely!