Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sunday Sewing & Ocean Walk with Lola the Labrador

  After reading the Sunday papers, a bit of gardening, cutting the blocks for my quilt and then an afternoon     walk along our beautiful shores - along the boardwalk next to the ocean at Curl Curl in Sydney with Lola - great afternoon with the sun coming out finally.

  Our Rock Pools filled by the ocean - where I learnt to swim. Most beaches have these pools with a smaller pool for the younger children.
Morning's work and borders around the doll block
               Birdhouses from the kitchen window

Saturday 4 June 2011

                                   By the end of last Sunday nite I had placed all the embroidery and circles
                                                        and pinned onto the 4 patch squares
The weather in Sydney is dull and overcast so have the new knitted rug on the end of the bed. I can add
on more strips if I want to but it is quite heavy.  This project was good while watching the television, but I certainly had to watch the pattern.
This sits on the lounge a well used knee rug made from different techniques.

                    .Cup Cake Oven Mit from Hot Cakes.  Hand goes in the top - wadding is 2 layers of Insul Bright. I added a sewing line on either side of the top part so my hand fits more snugly and won't slip off!
                          A Work in Progress (WIP) Babushka Doll Applique for a bright floral quilt
         It's a Rosalie Quinlan Design   Finished the applique during the week and will cut out
the blocks tomorrow.