Saturday, 28 May 2011

Running around the house taking photos of quilts/craft

Sunday and very dull & cold - ready to rain in Sydney for the next 5 days.
Have uploaded computer with bits and pieces and have been sewing the last
2 Sundays on my 'Life is Beautiful' quilt which I started early 2010.

This is a 'Hugs and Kisses' quilt with 4 x 4 blocks and stitchery circles interspersed
with smaller matching block circles to be added into every 2nd block and on the
joins of the 'tramlines'.

It's in the Moda 'French General' collection which I love and have been mulling over
the 'tramlines' and selected a greenish brown from the Le Petite Ecole range.
31 Large circles will be interspersed onto every second  4 patch block

32 Embroidery-applique circles

Now back to the quilt and sort out where I want all the circles and then
hand sew onto 4 patch blocks which will be a good night job for the next week.
I then have to decide how to quilt it -
Quilt as you Go - Haven't done this method before but a great tutorial
from Hugs and Kisses - Life is Beautiful site.
Add the embrodery circles and cut wadding and backing and then quilt around the circles.
From what I looked at on the internet looks this may be the way to go. Then sew the
borders onto back and front and nearly finished.

The INSPIRATIONS ON THE APPLIQUE were inspiring as I started this quilt after having a breast removed from breast cancer. Didn't think I was going to do the quilt but realised I could take it with me to Chemo for the 12 months and keep myself occupied for 7 hrs over the 1st 6 months and then 4 hrs over the following 6 months.  Also it was a good way to get to talk to the staff and other patients as they always
wanted to know what I was doing and talk about the inspirations and what other staff and patients were involved in and where and when they started sewing, craft, painting etc.  It was a way of getting the blocks done every 3 weeks so I could take the next one in to show everyone.I have left the blocks for the last couple of months but really want to finish it now.

                           Left over pieces of the French General Material for my sewing caddy.
                Needle Case, embroidery thread bag and large carry all for my embroidery blocks
      I wasn't happy with the blue and pale beige material, so used them up with assorted items to hold everything in and stay all together for the LIB project. 


  1. This will be a beautiful quilt Annie - it's looking great. Hope you are feeling well now, cheers Cait

  2. It's like peeking into your sewing room. I have the LIB pattern and think the stitcheries are fabulous, such an inspiration.